How can I make a difference?

I can make a difference!

多问几个So what?




不要盲目做什么,要有Accurate Plan!



以上,就是来自老板Circle,一个曾在麦肯锡,香港《明报》,毕业于HK University的一位Lady。

That’s it.



This is Yuhang’s understanding on the home page, and some reference from the
website. There are also some pictures, but cannot be shown in the mail.
I haven’t comment his understanding yet. But before that, I’ve talked with
him about the principle to find best practice, we all found it difficult to
find, but I haven’t got enough time to look into that.


PLEASE ask him to write to me, and let me know what is his understanding, or your understanding.   
I do not think it is difficult to find at all.

Do you think it ok at the current home page, if we just use a paragraph to
introduce what we do? If so, we don’t need to spend much time on the

homepage design now, since I myself still not so clear about which reference
to take.

my point is: I just do NOT think the page design has ANY PROBLEM at all.

Compare with the content, and user friendly etc. The page design just has absolutely no problem.

That is why I feel extremely uncomfortable in seeing U tell me, we regard the page has problem?

What is the difference compare with Xiao Yin , the leaf sculpture, that while he has million of problem on content and he regard the page is not beautiful.

I feel extremely worry about this kind of comment. I even worry more that U do not criticise them for thinking this way.

I really worry about this very very very much.

I do not understand what are U writing.

Is it, our position is to be a website to help Canton fair visitor to find the hotel which they are looking for, try the best to help them to meet their buying criteria, to bridge all information gap.

And then we use advertising model as business model.

What is the problem?

I just do not understand.

We do not need to TELL them who we are.

We need to HELP Them to solve their problem.

We need to let them think, we are a useful site, so they would come back again and again.

I just do not understand what are U saying. Sorry @@


Please answer, when U are looking for ref. WHY Budget hotel is the key?

PLease answer explictly in great detail.

Do U understand, we are looking for BEST PRACTICE, then we need to understand what is our issue.

In our site, the most important issue is NOT, if that is budget or not. Since in every hotel site, people would have certain concern on price. So, if it is budget or medium price or high end hotel is not too important.

In fact, our issue is:  we are a site which need to try our reader to learn the location of the hotel from a particular point.  how do others inform readers about how to find out the location of different hotel with particular location. NOT budget hotel at all.

So, if U type budget hotel as major keyword, it is 100% wrong. NOT 99% wrong.

In fact, why choose budget hotel?

There are many budget accommodation, such as hostel, guesthouse, Bed and breakfast etc.

So, why just use budget hotel as keyword?

This is an extremely serious issue.

Either U or the intern should write an article to review this mistake.

This is a typical case,which U would focus on relevancy and it is absolutely on a completely wrong direction. And U just do not notice at all.

Then ALL THE TIME, several weeks, months of time would be waste. because of the wrong keyword.

@@ what are U trying to learn?

search feature?

Colour of the site?



Or the writing?

U need to learn what is the thing U need to learn then decide the keyword.

If U are talking about writing. Are U sure budget hotel is the key?

Or there is many other word?  I think I have forward many linkage to U already. Right?

Of course, we would add rating and review later.

when we try to find those ad, then should we add other features? 

Again, Jackie, please try your best to share with Yu on what is BEST PRACTICE.

From this report, it shows he has no concept of BEST PRACTICE. He is just finding some practice.
                                     (@@ 为boss的看法)


昨天下午,Erik来了,之前的一个美国实习生,也带了个Chinese spicy girl,可我也没正眼瞧她,总觉得一个中国woman就应该首选中国man,怎么着也要为下当下男女比例失调多尽一份力!


实际上,这次旅途是他目前效力的深圳公司安排他去欧洲出差,而回国的第一站就是来到广州,而来到我们公司也算是Go home了。【回顾在广州】(08年奥运-历史的脚步)





Erik很直接,第一句就是:What do you need me to do?



于是,我也不客气,直奔主题!这次的重要问题就是要解决Rating System的安装问题。

OK!他也缓了一下,喝了一杯老板推荐的绿茶。接着,打开笔记本,很熟练就进入了“Main Topic”


突然开始觉得,中国的IT产品与国际的差距不只是技术上的,更是Product Oriented(产品为导向)到Customer Oriented(以客户为导向)的差距。


结束通话后,我赶紧走了过去,他微笑着说:Just one more call, sorry!我也有点意外,也有点小尴尬。




You are so smart!